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Dear All,


Tuesday may well be our last chance to change Ealing Council’s mind about imposing wheelie bins on the residents of the Borough:  this issue is to be debated in Full Council on Tuesday 28 July (Ealing Town Hall, 7.00pm).  There is space in the Public Gallery for people who wish to hear what is said.


It is essential to demonstrate to the Council the strength of feeling out there.  If you object to having the wheelie bins imposed on us, please try your best to join us and assemble on the steps of the Town Hall at 6.15pm on Tuesday 28 July to show your views.  We must have as many people as possible to contradict the view of some Councillors that as many people support the wheelie bins as object.


Three petitions are currently in circulation objecting to the imposition of two/three wheelie bins per household, comingling of all the recyclables in one wheelie bin, and a fortnightly collection, and supporting the existing kerbside sorting for recycling. 


The Hanwell Community Forum petition is non party aligned  and can be signed athttp://www.gopetition.com/petitions/ealing-says-no-to-wheelie-bins.html if you have not signed already.  A paper petition is also available, so please get in touch if you, or your neighbours, wish to sign on paper (or print out the attached signature sheet). All paper signatures need to be back with me for collation by noon on Monday 27 July.  We have gained 1,198 signatures in less than three weeks, but we need to reach 1,500 by Tuesday if at all possible.


The Council’s stated objectives for allowing the recycling contract with Amey to be amended to a fortnightly collection and wheelie bins are:


  • To increase recycling towards the EU target of 50% by 2020
  • To save money


Ealing Council does not appear to have consulted independent experts on this matter, but seems to be taking advice from their contractors;  there is clearly a conflict of interests.


Our concerns are as follows:

  • The capacity of one wheelie bin might not be adequate for one family’s fortnight’s recycling
  • The capacity of one wheelie bin might not be adequate for one family’s fortnight’s residual waste
  • Either of the above situations could tempt people to put additional recycling or additional residual waste in the wrong wheelie bin; any contaminated bins go to land fill and is not recovered – increased land fill, and cost/income implications
  • One wheelie bin has the capacity for five black bags of residual waste; the Council has stated that additional bags left next to the residual waste wheelie bin will not be collected – this would contribute to street mess – cost implications for clear up
  • Parking is at a premium in many places in Hanwell and elsewhere in the Borough with there being insufficient space between parked cars to get a wheelie bin through; there is potential that parked cars will be damaged as operatives drag the wheelies to the trucks – cost implications for compensating car owners
  • If the wheelie bins have to be walked a distance to the truck , will the operatives take them back to the houses they came from ? – poorer service to Council Tax payers
  • Many residential  roads are used as through routes; it will take a longer time for two wheelies per household to be dragged to the trucks, some for quite a distance to find space between parked cars,  and emptied, compared to the current system; likelihood of increased reports of road rage as people are held up for longer times during the working day – increased antisocial behaviour
  • If broken glass and paper are comingled, the paper is no longer recyclable; we may have to have a separate receptacle for some recyclables eg glass – cost implications
  • The quality of the reclaimable recyclable material is better with the kerbside sorting that we have now, as there is less contamination; better quality means it can be sold on at a higher price and has a greater variety of reuses
  • Poor quality comingled recyclables are often sent abroad for re-sorting by children and the disadvantaged in the developing world – poor quality comingled reclaimables are sold at a lower price than better quality reclaimables
  • If the wheelie bins do not have adequate capacity it might encourage more fly-tipping; to the advantage of Council contractors  as they may get paid an ad hoc fee to clear fly-tipping
  • The Council has said that approximately 2% of households will receive assistance in moving their wheelie bins on recycle day;  how does this stack up when over 7% of our population is over 70 years old? If a greater percentage of households need assistance then the cost goes up
  • What are the costs to the environment of providing 2/3 plastic wheelie bins to every house in the Borough? [Flats will retain their existing rubbish /recycling arrangements; households on main roads who currently have daily collections will retain these]
  • Currently people buy their own black bags for residual waste which does not come out of our Council Tax; we will be paying for the wheelie bins out of our taxes
  • People who have small children in disposable nappies are able to buy their own wheelie bins, at no cost to the tax payer, to ensure that their black bags do not attract vermin; waste food should be put in the buckets provided to ensure that black bags are not attacked by vermin
  • Two/three wheelie bins in the front gardens of the majority of our housing would be unsightly


Finally, there is no strategy proposed for finding out why people do not recycle or to address behavioural change amongst these people.  Ealing has a relatively large percentage of its population who are transient.  There is no strategy proposed to educate these people on the mechanism for recycling in Ealing in any other way than just not picking up their recycling/residual rubbish.  Uncollected rubbish would be left for people who do recycle to endure.  And there will always be a percentage of people who will not, and will never recycle.  The Council is proposing nothing to identify these people.


Evidence* indicates that kerbside recycling (currently in operation) is the most effective in terms of encouraging more people to recycle, producing the best quality reclaimable recyclable material, most cost-efficiently. [ * 4R Environmental Ltd reviewed Local Government procurement for waste collection systems across the UK (April 2008-February 2012); these findings concur with those independently commissioned by WRAP UK and the Welsh Government] .


Other petitions:

There is a petition focused on Northfields and Cleveland Wards which has raised around 1,000 signatures to date which can be added to the original petition of 3,015 signatures, under the aegis of Cllr Nigel Sumner, which closed on 18 May.  This was sufficient to trigger the debate in Full Council.


Another petition focused on Southfields Ward/the Bedford Park Conservation Area and borders, in Chiswick/Acton, and they have 1,050 signatures on that.


There is no petition running in support of the wheelie bins.



Please sign the petition if you have not done so already at http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/ealing-says-no-to-wheelie-bins....;.


Please turn up to show your support at 6.15pm on the Town Hall steps next Tuesday 28 July.


Kind regards

Carolyn - Carolyn Brown


Hanwell Community Forum

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