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4th Sept 2015 Issue no.51

Flash from Healthwatch Ealing


Flash from Healthwatch Ealing is produced by the Staff Team. It aims to provide information relevant to Health and Social Care as well as other items of interest to Healthwatch Ealing members.

Healthwatch Ealing is all about local voices being used to influence the delivery and design of local Adult and Children’s Health and Social care services.

We welcome relevant information that could be beneficial to the community. Please send information for consideration to info@healthwatchealing.co.uk


Notes from the Chair

Healthwatch Ealing is facing big challenges over the next few months. Funding cuts mean we have to review our organisation and spending, we have to start campaigning and planning for our next funding and commissioning from 1st April 2016 and prepare for a future of new management when the current agreement with Hestia ends next March.

While all that is happening, we have to be in a position to respond on behalf of the patients of Ealing to all the changes in health and social care provision arising from the Health & Social Care Act, the Care Act and Shaping a Healthier Future. Traditional places of care are closing, merging and becoming more centralised not always to patient benefit.

The new Board have already started to review our organisation which we hope will reflect past member concerns and the main issues raised at our public meeting on 16th July. The emphasis will be on openness, transparency and member involvement. I look forward to an increased membership, more active members and for us to achieve a much louder voice and higher profile on behalf of those we are set up to represent.

We will keep you updated as we make progress on all these fronts. In the meantime, my thanks to all who work hard for us in so many capacities. 

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