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Welcome to the 9-42 The Broadway consultation website. The information here is about our proposals for this central part of Ealing Broadway.

There has been a longstanding desire, backed by the Council, to regenerate this part of the town centre and we held a public consultation on our emerging vision for the site in early 2015. The proposals displayed during the consultation are available to view below and you can also click on the link at the bottom of this page to download our full exhibition displays.

Almost 400 people attended the public exhibition about the scheme held in January 2015, over 375 people sent in their comments and over 5,000 people visited this consultation website. The proposal was submitted to LB Ealing in July 2015. Below is the latest update on these proposals.

Amendments to Our Planning Application – January 2016

Since we submitted our planning application for 9-42 The Broadway in July 2015, we have continued to meet with the London Borough of Ealing, the Greater London Authority and other stakeholders such as Historic England and Ealing Civic Society to discuss our proposals.

Following in depth consideration, we have decided to submit some amendments to our planning application. These revisions will enable locally valued building frontages along The Broadway to form an integral part of the scheme. We believe that this allows the redevelopment to create a better balanced relationship with the town centre’s valued character.

The amendments will:

  • keep the building at 9 The Broadway (adjacent to Morrisons) as it is now, rather than redeveloping this part of the site;
  • keep the facades (plus the depth of one room) of 14, 15 and 16 The Broadway. Retaining and improving these frontages will mean that the new route from The Broadway to the station will be framed by the retained historic frontage of 14 The Broadway – see image;
  • pull back the furthest west building on the site to improve views along The Broadway towards Christ the Saviour Church – see before and after images further down this page.

The image below provides a clear illustration of these amendments

The image below provides a clear illustration of these amendments:

C:BIM Projects816_02_A_Ealing Ph II_Master_Central_pgilder_bac

As part of our discussions we have also reviewed our proposals for 35 The Broadway, which is the corner building on The Broadway that is currently occupied by Carphone Warehouse. Our proposals for this part of the site include pulling back the building line and increasing the width of the pavement by an extra 4 – 9 feet (1.2 – 2.7 metres). We have always viewed this as an important public benefit as it will deliver better and safer pedestrian movement at this congested corner. It will also facilitate the Council’s remodelled junction, pedestrian crossing, widened footways and contraflow cycle lane proposals for Ealing Broadway. Sadly, we cannot achieve these public realm improvements while keeping the building as it is.

We have now submitted these revisions to our planning application to the Council. Please click here to view the documents on the Council’s website. We are confident that these amendments will deliver significant benefits to the town centre, while respecting its character. The Council will now review our amended plans before we expect they will make a decision on them in the Spring.

In addition to retaining the historic facades at 9, 14, 15 and 16 The Broadway, the proposals for 9-42 The Broadway will continue to provide significant local benefits. These comprise:

  • a collection of well-designed individual buildings, ranging from two to three storey buildings opposite the Broadway Centre to nine storeys on the eastern side, up to 18 storeys for the tallest building;
  • a new pedestrian route, to be known as Haven Place, between Ealing Broadway station and The Broadway;
  • around 20 new shops, including a mix of smaller units suitable for independent retailers and larger ones for high street brands;
  • 188 quality homes (reduced by three as a result of the changes we have made since our July planning application), within residential courtyard gardens above Haven Place, including intermediate affordable housing delivered at discount market rent aimed at existing Ealing residents and young professionals. All of these new homes will benefit from a shared set of gardens at the upper level, linked by bridges;
  • a new 5,000 sq ft music venue right on the footprint of the original Ealing Club and offering increased capacity and a contemporary ambience;
  • 6,000 sq ft of flexible space on the upper ground floor of Haven Place earmarked for a boutique cinema;
  • significant improvements to the existing streets and spaces along The Broadway and Station Broadway, including the extra 4 – 9 feet (1.2 – 2.7 metres) of pavement space on the busy corner that Carphone Warehouse currently occupies;
  • basement parking (50 car spaces, including 19 disabled parking spaces) and 393 bicycle storage

The image below shows how the retained frontages will appear on Haven Place.


The image below shows views along The Broadway towards Christ the Saviour Church, before (left) and after (right) amendments were made.


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