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I attended the Cleveland area meeting  yesterday and was informed that the CPZ  scheme is completing its approval process, we will be getting a CPZ.

At the meeting I suggested that the councillor’s and officers Involve the residents and the DCA in agreeing the final scheme, knowing that the councillors have already seen the scheme and agreed dual bay parking along Manor road and Drayton green i believe the residents should be able to comment on the scheme.

Please can we collect views, let me know what you think, I have already had the view of one resident who want’ s to proceed as quick as possible, and pointed out that the DCA does not speak for everyone (correctly)

But it should speak for its members...

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Comment by Justine on July 14, 2011 at 19:44
I think we should have 1 hour between 10-11am. And 1 hour between 3-4pm. This will deter commuters and holiday makers and air line staff who leave cars hear for days/weeks on end.
Pay and display options on manor road and drayton green on the side of the road where there are no houses for people who need to park for the train or the shops.
And it's important that parents dropping children off at the school and nursery don't get
Penalised so perhaps a few free up to half hour bays. I don't know really. Just want to be able to park near where I live and not disrupt too many people if possible
Comment by sammy on July 17, 2011 at 10:20
I think its a shame that we will now have CPZ. It will mean that visitors will now have to fork out more money to see us and as london is full of many people who don't originate from here this will have an impact on many of us. I dearly hope that any payment will apply to one hour in the morning only between the hours of 9.30-10.30am to deter commuters only and not family and friends visiting those residents who are elderly with children and those who are ill. I agree people collecting their children from school should not be penalised and that residents should receive free or affordable tickets to offer to their visitors. It seems unless you can afford a house with a drive you get penalised i find this a terrible shame.
Comment by Justine on July 17, 2011 at 11:09
I think it's a shame we have to pay to park outside our homes, but in reality it will probably only cost about 50p a week. And as a parent I would rather pay that than have to park miles away from my house. This is especially hard when it's pouring with rain and you have a car full of shopping and a child. As it's not practicle or very safe. It will also deter holiday maker who leave cars parked for weeks and personally I won't miss being woken at all hours by car alarms going off all night whilst their owners are in away, only to be told by the police that we will have to wait for the car battery to run out. It's a small sacrifice and I am delighted that the scheme has been approved. As for visitors, we will not have the permit for weekends, evenings and for te majority of the day in the week. So maybe it will require a bit of careful planning around the two hours when the cpz is enforced or as is the case everywhere else we will have visitor parking tickets which also won't cost the earth. With such a busy station like west Ealing it should also be the responsibility of TFL to supply adequate parking for its customers and the residents shouldnt have to suffer how we have.
Comment by Simon Croyden on July 20, 2011 at 11:36

Hi Francesco - thanks for the update on this. Here are my thoughts specifically on Drayton Green, I won't comment on other people's patches. I would prefer that there was not a CPZ and voted against, but if it's happening it's happening.


Residents only in front of houses sounds fine. I echo the view that an hour at the start and end of the day, monday to friday only, should be all that's required. Sections of the non-built side of Drayton Green to be P&D or residents also seems sensible. There should be no P&D only parking.

One thing that does concern me is if corners are white lined to set where parking begins. It was mentioned as a possibility in the consultation document but this will remove several spaces from the built side of Drayton Green.

One thing this in no way addresses is the double parking and stopping on school markings during pick up/drop offs at the primary school. These cars are not normally left unattended so a toothless parking warden is pointless, this danger to the children crossing can only be dealt with by the school spending a little resource on it, a staff member taking names and sending letters home would probably deal with it very quickly, but the attitude seems to be that once the kids are off premise they can take their chances. Not CPZ related - but a personal bugbear I couldn't resist mentioning.

All the best,

Comment by M A A Sinclair on July 21, 2011 at 16:27

Thank you for the information Francesco.  I am delighted for the confirmation that we are getting a CPZ.  Did you get a sense at the meeting of by when the CPZ would actually be implemented on the ground?

I agree with Simon that there should be no P&D only parking anywhere - except directly in the patch of road in front of the shops on Manor Road - all other P&D parking should be "Residents or P&D parking".

I agree that a two time (morning and evening) restriction is the most appropriate. 

With regards to weekends, I think that this is an important question and I do understand that some people will wish to have people over at the weekend. 

However, I think that if we ask ourselves the question:  would you be fine if the weekend stays in the chaos of over-parking that we have at the moment?, the overwhelming response will be No!  Does anyone really want to return from the supermarket with car full or shopping, or from a long journey, on the weekend, in the rain, and find that there is no parking close to home just because it is the weekend, and have to ferry children and shopping with umbrellas while parked a hundred yards from home?  No.

Many people who work in Central London, or at Heathrow as mentioned by a fellow blogger, also work at the weekend too, and are therefore going to park here at the weekend because they work at the weekend.  Many people also park here to then go into town and shop at the weekend.  Another factor at the weekend is people visiting friends in other parts of the surrounding area where there is a weekend parking restriction already - these people park in our area to visit people outside the Draytons - and there is more of this at the weekend.  We must not underestimate the weekend usage of our area, for parking, by people who have no connection with any of us. 

Our area is indeed a lovely convenient car parking area to use for going to Ealing Broadway/London/Heathrow, but the purpose of the CPZ is to make it clear that our area is not a public car park, neither during the week NOR at the weekend.

Therefore, I would suggest that a restriction should apply for an hour between 10-11 am at the weekend as well.

Happily, this will mean that our own visitors for lunch/tea/dinners will not be disrupted, but we will stop people from using our area as a car park to go into town to work/travel.

Does this suggestion have support from other DCA members?  Interested to know your thoughts.

Comment by sammy on July 22, 2011 at 9:11
I don't think weekend retrictions are needed as in the two years i have lived here i have rarely been unable to park on the road that i live in and have mainly been able to park directly outside my house. I have baby twins and have made countless trips to the supermarket coming back with heavy bags and i would rather have the very slight inconvenience of carrying them and the babies (not all in one go of course :) )  ..... even in the rain which i have had to do; than have wardens patrolling the streets where we live at the weekends and having restrictions for visitors. I understand everyone's views but i think it might be beneficial to start with this system and then review it otherwise once it is in place and the council benefit financially from restrictions at weekends we will not be able to overturn it.
Comment by Justine on July 22, 2011 at 9:54
Also west Ealing train station is closed on Sunday's so people don't park for the station then, and I'm with you in that I've never really struggled at weekends to park.
The biggest problem is weekdays. I think what we're looking for is a general system to deter people from using the quiet streets where we live as a free carpark for heathrow and the west end. It will only get worse when the crossrail is introduced!

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