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Redevelopment of International Presbyterian Church, Drayton Green

Francesco and I went along to the private view of the plans for this, on Wednesday evening.
Design is for demolishing existing church buildings, including coachhouse, excluding listed chapel, and rebuild with same number of dwellings (2, small. Currently let privately, will remain owned by church) but larger and higher church buildings, incorporating the existing chapel. It looks to be a well thought out project, using high quality materials, so I came away with a favourable impression. The frontage will be taller than currently, but frankly it is dwarfed by the hulk which has approval on the cleared site next door. They anticipate all waste, plant etc to be stored in the courtyard area, and traffic from lorries etc will be Drayton Green only so should have no impact elsewhere.
I've requested a plan pack from the architects, and permission to share it on the DCA site, so will pass that along as soon as I have it. This will be submitted as a full planning application, not as an outline, which as I understand it means that it gets put forward "as is" and not as a starting point for negotiation.  
There are two public viewings next week, I don't have the details to hand but you may have had a leaflet through the door, if not details available at the Church. I believe they are on Tuesday and Wednesday evening, but if someone can correct or confirm that would be great. As this is very much a community space, as well as a building project, I would encourage anyone with a spare 10 minutes to go along and take a look.

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Thanks Simon [and Francesco] I really appreciate you taking the time to visit the exhibition and share your thoughts. 

And a thanks to Paul Levy for the invite

I've had a reply from the architects. Unfortunately the file it links to is around 13Mb so can't upload to the site, perhaps Gerald can find a way or make it available another way before the link expires. I've got a copy but not the right software to split it into smaller parts. The link below should work until Thursday evening I believe.



Please find link below to a pdf summary of the info presented last week. The link is live for 4 days. We'd be grateful if we could have any feedback by the end of next wk 26/10/12. Please do bear in mind that this is still draft work but I think it represents well where we are at the moment and what we think will be a really high quality and enduring addition to Drayton Green.



You may be intereted in Eric's view from WEN, pretty much as you concluded, broadly favourable and I feel the chuch could teach Ealing Council a few things on consultation


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