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Planning Application: 18 metre mast, NetRail compound Manor Road

Just got a planning application through as I assume many of you will have. The application shows no details of what the mast is for, but at 18 metres with 6 antennae and 3 dishes attached, I'm not sure I particularly want this on the horizon looking out of the window.

Anyone else who feels the same, I encourage to comment @ ealing.gov.uk. The planning ref number is PP/2012/2511

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I just wrote to this email address comment@ealing.gov.uk this message came back:


Your message has encountered delivery problems
to the following recipient(s):

(Was addressed to comment@ealing.gov.uk)
Delivery failed
550 No such recipient

It's an O2/Vodafone Mobile phone mast. Right by Jacob's Ladder.
Are we in the Draytons going to launch a group opposition?

On the other hand, in our household we all have O2 or Vodafone phones and there is a problem of a very weak signal for both of these in much of the Draytons - which is not ideal because (apart from poor audio), the mobiles heat up trying to compensate for being so far from any mast - probably not ideal for health if one holds one's phone to the head.  So in fact, it may well benefit many Draytons residents to get a better connection and the mobiles' batteries will last longer too.

The correct e-mail address for the Planning Department of Ealing Council is planning@ealing.gov.uk

Firstly, let me reassure Mr Sinclair that a mobile phone neither heats up to compensate for distance from a mast, nor is the battery life depleted as a result. On that basis, we shouldn't bring any health and safety issues into this matter. However, if you would simply prefer a better signal that it is of course your prerogative, though having been on with both operators I never had any issues with reception.

Personally I place objecting to the continued addition of eyesore landmarks to The Draytons above this. Bit by bit our lovely area is being turned into an ugly, mismatched, inconsidered landscape of newbuilds, expansions, and now radio masts. Whatever the perceived benefit, surely failing to reject an 18m mast cutting into a low horizon line goes against many of the objections we residents have placed to other planning applications recently. This shouldn't be about "how will it affect me?", but more "How will it affect The Draytons?".

If we allow this to proceed without objection, what message does that give out?

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