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As I once again spend my home time in the shadow of this behemoth of a building, I find it harder and harder to understand how the criteria set out in the planning documents are being met. Specifically the height being "reflective of the surrounding building heights" and the height and massing "making a positive contribution to the context of Drayton Green Park". I'd be interested in everyone's opinions on this.

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  • Blame Mr Pickles and CLG, this was turned down by Ealing Council planning and that decision was overturned by the secretary of state after an appeal by the developer.  However, its worth you writing to the Ealing Planning team to air your concerns and let them know the impact its having.

Yes I did, they just referred me back (brushed me off) to the officer's report, which does nothing but explain it accepted the scale because "The size and scale of the proposed development does not substantially differ from the approved scheme in respect of the effect that the proposal would have on Drayton Green Park, which by virtue of the previous appeal has already been assessed and considered to be acceptable."

So they didn't consider the scale, because the previous applicant's officer didn't object to it! Super.

It also goes on to say, in summary, it won't look big! It seems to think that the fact it's only 5 floors overlooking the train line is important, despite those closest to it are us on Drayton Green, who have the 7 stories to stare at.

"The addition of a southern wing to the approved scheme and slight alterations to the form of the north and eastern blocks does not represent an overdevelopment of the site in respect of the size, scale and massing of the buildings. The courtyard and landscaping around the site, with additional tree planting off-site (to be secured by a s.106 agreement), will ensure that the bulk of the proposed development is softened, and that it blends in appropriately with the open area of Drayton Green Park to the north-east.

The design, height, scale and massing of the development is considered to be fully appropriate to the context of the site and surrounding area"

Not sure the current building has anything to do with Eric Pickles. The DCA spoke against it at planing stage and we convinced the council to turn down the building the first time. Unfortunately the second time it was considered, the Labour councillors (many of whom hasn't even attended the site visit) voted against the local residents arguments and granted permission. Personally I'd like to drag the labour councillors to the site now and ask them very loudly if they still think it's not too big and in keeping with the surroundings. It completely changes the nature of our area and it's very disappointing that local residents views are ridden over rough shod by the ruling Labour group on the council.

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