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I assume many of you will have received the leaflet inviting residents to view plans for the Family Mosaic development. I was wondering if anyone in the know might be able to let us all know what stage of approval this development is at, as it talks about plans to replace 'the previously approved scheme'.

I've been out of the loop a little bringing up a couple of babies, but last thing I remember was the horrendous plan for a 7 story apartment block - this seems to be the same.

Thanks in advance.


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I haven't received any leaflet so I'm wondering where they leafleted.  The decision went to appeal last time (2009?) and my recollection is that they had to make some changes to the plans.  Would be interesting to know what changes are being proposed - is it still a mixture of small workshops (live-work spaces)?

"Proposal: To provide 44 new homes comprising of one, two and three bed Private and affordable apartments to replace the previously approved scheme."

There's an invite to a feedback session on Tuesday 18th of December from 4 PM to 8 PM - St. Stephens Church.


The planning application will be dealt with by the Planning Committee on Wednesday 12 June at 7pm in the Council Chamber in Ealing Town Hall.


There will be a site visit by the committee Saturday 8th June at 9:10am. They will be visiting the site on Manor Road.


Both events are open to the public. Although site visits are mainly intended to acquaint members with the site, they are a useful opportunity to let the committee know your views.

The planning application for the Manor Rd building was heard by the Planning Committee this evening and it was turned down unanimously. Simon Baker from Drayton Gardens and I spoke against the application and there then followed a 45 minute debate. I was not on the committee so could not take part in the debate. Initially it seemed that opinion on the committee was divided, but one by one members indicated that they were unhappy with the density of the development with the number of units increasing from 38 in the previous application to 44 in this one, the reduction in the car parking provision from 40 spaces to 3 spaces and the lack of amenity space. Finally at 10:00pm the committee voted the application down. It was a long night but a good result.


Fantastic, thanks for the update John. Great result.

All - the planners have re-submitted plans. Please go onto the Ealing council website and express you opinions on whether this 7 storey block is suitable for the Draytons Green. Closing date for comments will be fairly soon.

The latest planning application for the Manor Works site will be heard by the Planning Committee on Wednesday 25th September in the Council Chamber in the Town Hall at 7:30pm. There with be a site visit by members of the Planning Committee at 10:55am on Saturday 21 September. The committee can arrive within +/- 15 mins from the time given. They will be visiting 5 different sites across the borough that morning.

Site visits are a good opportunity to ensure that members of the committee understand the location. Come along and talk to them.

Really glad Simon attended the morning, i am trying to get a slot to speak on Wednesday, but it appears that the rail company on the adjacent site has asked to speak and the planning admin seem reluctant to allow two speakers. 

I will keep on it, but others registering complaints would be useful. 

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