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The planning application for the expansion of Drayton Green Primary School has been submitted. Details of the application are available on the Ealing Council web site - www.ealing.gov.uk.

The application number is p/2013/0777. Consultation ends on 26 March.

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The planning application for Drayton Green Primary school will be heard on Wednesday 3rd April. Site visits are normally held on the previous Saturday. However because of Easter, the site visits have been brought forward by a week and will be held at 10:00am this Saturday (23 March 2013).

I will try and attach a copy of the report to this entry. Consultation closes on Tuesday 26 March. At the time the report was written, the planning department had not received any comments on the application from residents. It is still not too late to respond to the consultation, although time is running out. 


I am told that the Planning Committee will be using the Drayton Grove access for the site visit on Sat 23 March at 10:00am. 

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