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The cabinet report on Drayton Green Priamry School is now on the council website.


The paper is down as Item 8, School Expansion programme. The paper recommends expansion of the school on the existing site.

This paper will be considered by Cabinet on Wednesday 25th July at 7pm in the Town Hall. This is a public meeting and sometimes members of the public are allowed to address cabinet.

If you want to address Cabinet, you would need to ask the Leader of the Council - Cllr Julian Bell (julian.bell@ealing.gov.uk) in advance.

The cabinet member responsible for Education is Labour member, Cllr Patricia Walker (patricia.walker@ealing.gov.uk) .

The Cabinet is made up totally of Labour members. There are no opposition members in the Cabinet.


Cllr John Popham - Conservative member for Cleveland Ward


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thank you for the update and link they are very useful.

I have only had time to skim read the papers, but on that reading I am very disappointed as I do not feel that our view and the work we put into our response have been taken adequately into consideration and there are factual errors. 

I feel that a DCA represnetative should address cabinet and I would like to send them our report in advance of the meeting.


Just to let you know the outcome of the Cabinet meeting which took place on Wednesday 25 July. The paper was presented to Cabinet by the portfolio holder, Cllr Walker. Gerald Power had asked to be allowed to address Cabinet, but had been told beforehand by the Leader of the council, Cllr Bell, that he would not to be allowed to speak. Local councillors Isobel Grant and me had also asked to be allowed to speak, but also without success.

The Leader of the Opposition Cllr David Millican was allowed and he repeated the three main objections that had been raised by the Drayton Communitry Association, namely Overcrowding, Past Performance and the Consultation. He also raised the question about access from Drayton Grove and the importance of managing that properly especially as demolition work had now begun.

While it is recognised that the school has had problems in the past, Cabinet were provided with the latest SATS figures which showed that the school had made a lot of progress since the appointment of the current head teacher Karen Doherty. There was general confidence that it was now on an upward path.

Cabinet approved the expansion of the school. The next stage will be the planning application which will be submitted before the end of the year.


thank you and please thank Isobel for me for taking up the issue, its very worrying that neither the DCA nor any of our elected representatives was allowed to speak on the issue, in my veiw that feels like a lack of democratic process and residents being steam rollered. 


Speaking of democratic process, and sincere apologies if I've missed something, but when was it decided the DCA was against expansion? I'm not aware of any communications beyond this website and the occasional email, and most of the comments appear to be from Drayton Grove residents. Entirely understandable as it's you that are potentially affected most severely, but is there a mechanism in place for us to decide as an Association what our view is when the planning application is made? 

I may end up opposing these plans, but I do not do so on the basis of Drayton Grove being the main entrance, I think the disruption to residents is entirely justifiable purely on relative child safety. Commercial vehicles should use Drayton Green I agree, but I can't see how that's possible, as there's no suitable entrance there. 


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