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As per the emailer that you sent out today to members, I'm absolutely astounded to see that the consultation consisted of only residents in Berners Drive on the far side of the park. How this has been deemed irrelevant to residents of Drayton Green I can't fathom, especially in light of any pedestrian or vehicular access being via our road.

I've emailed via the link on the planning doc to ask the same question, but does anyone know the best way to raise this as a complaint before the permission slips through without us?

As far as I'm concerned anything that will require a loss of the physical park (and according to the plans a whole area of plant/bushes) is not an option. One minute we get a skyscraper, then next we lose part of the park. 

Regardless of the validity of the requirement, I don't see building on public parks as an option. There's a large concrete standing area clear between Network Rail and the Manor Works that's not being used, as an example. Perhaps if the council wasn't so free to cram financially profitable flats on every inch of land there would be better options for these important projects.

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