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Have any Drayton residents received the consultation paper yet on the proposal to extend the CPZ to the Draytons?

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Every corner loses a parking space on each side , this was in the plans as I remember commenting on it before. I didn't get a response but as far as I'm aware it's a safety issue, so unlikely to be changed, much as I'd like it to be.


The other changes I'm likely to support any objection to, even though I live on Drayton Green. One thing I'd like to add to the list is that the zig zag school lines in front of the school on Drayton Green now have a single yellow line added near the kerb. No signage is in place yet but if the intention of this is to restrict parking on those lines outside term time I am opposed to this for what should be obvious reasons.

I remain of the view that the CPZ was a bad idea, I'd be happy to bet more tickets end up being issued to residents making minor infractions than illegal parkers.

I'll send a copy of this post and Peter Dorrell's to Anthony Crane at the email address above.



reply from Anthony Crane:



These matters in Drayton Grove have been raised by a number of residents and Ward Members. One thing that I have made clear in my response to them, has been that such restrictions are not set in stone and we are happy to review them and make changes where necessary. However, we are unable to do so until the scheme goes live.


The CPZ is bound by traffic orders, these orders will go live on 1st March. After that date, we can review the markings and make changes. To make changes now, would mean the readvertsing of the traffic orders and further delay to the scheme.


Whenever a CPZ is implemented, there are various aspects of its design that require review and change. This is standard practice because it is not always possible to gauge how something may operate until it is physically on the ground and in use.


So to reiterate, we are fully aware of the concerns of residents and fully intend to rectify matters, but are unable to do so until after the scheme becomes operational.


I hope this provides some assurance. If you have any further queries, please feel free to contact me.


kind regards


Anthony Crane

CPZ & Parking Engineer


LB Ealing




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