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The Council recently held a review of the Draytons CPZ and a consultation about extending it into Highview, Rosebery, Rosemount, Charles, Briarbank , Lynton, Kingsley & Rutland roads. We now have the headline results. We have not as yet received the breakdown of the results by road but hope to receive that shortly.

The headlines are:-

1. In the existing Draytons CPZ, six months after it was introduced, residents were happy with it and 75% wanted it to remain and only 22% wanted it removed. The response rate was 20%.

2. In the new core area described above, 53% wanted the CPZ extended to their area while 47% opposed it. The response rate in this area was 48%. In the consultation documents, we were told that it is council policy only to extend a CPZ where there was:-

• A response rate of over 20%, and

• 60% or more of households responding being in favour.

While the response rate was more than double the minimum requirement, the number of household supporting the proposal was less that the minimum.

3. In the new outer area which covered roads from Cleveland Road to Vallis Way only 21% of households opted for a CPZ. The response rate here was only 13%.


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