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Have any Drayton residents received the consultation paper yet on the proposal to extend the CPZ to the Draytons?

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Yes I have - 19 Sutherland Road.

Eric Leach

When is the deadline for reply?  Only the leaflet from our local councillors delivered yesterday alerted me to the fact that this process has started.

I received mine in this morning's post, Drayton Green. 25th February is the closing date for comments, and apparently you can also comment online.


Personally I am not in favour, and will be happy to pop a poster up if anyone's organising a no campaign.



I'm not in support either as a CPZ doesn't guarantee you a parking space, just a chance to park there, so the same situation as now, only I pay for the privilege.  We have no control over the cost and, unlike other neighbouring areas, few of the houses in the Draytons have the option of off road parking.  We first need to assess who is parking - how many cars do residents own and how much car space is acutally available.  We need to take account of the post office sorting office, the minicab firm, the school, users of the nurseries and not forgetting the prospective tenants of two new developments in the Draytons which won't have enoguh parking for all their residents. I've been sent a copy of the data collected by the council which they are using to promote a CPZ. Happy to share but need to work out how to!  We shouldn't forget that the council will be looking at other forms of income - costs for CPZ permits are rising.

Simon Croyden said:

I received mine in this morning's post, Drayton Green. 25th February is the closing date for comments, and apparently you can also comment online.


Personally I am not in favour, and will be happy to pop a poster up if anyone's organising a no campaign.



This is the guidance from Ealing Council on CPZs link



Hi Marie-Louise - it would be great if you could somehow post up the data from the council, or email it. Really keen to understand the difference in the parking situation across the Draytons - in my experience the parking situation is very poor in Drayton Ave. And I've seen the other side of Manor Road fill up with parking over the last few years so the 'direction of travel' doesn't appear to be very good. Would be good to see what the data says though, and whether it matches our practical experience parking in the area,


Thankyou Marie-Louise - received the data - I'll also send a note to Anthony to see if we can get it in Excel. Thought the numbers were interesting and I guess produced intuitive results to some extent i.e. parking pressures are greatest nearest the station. But I am surprised by the 'parking stress' measures - they seem a bit low for me. For Drayton Ave for example these numbers imply that typically the street has 25% parking spaces free and at weekends up to 50% - I just think these numbers imply more free parking than there frequently is. I walked down the street earlier and there were only two spaces - which I think would be a stress measure in the 90%s - which is not abnormal during the week. Same with Manor Road - I think, if I am interpetting them correctly that the numbers imply that typically, all cars can virtually fit on one side of the street at 50% -  which appears an underestimation.

Thanks again for posting them through,


I too think the numbers are not truly reflective - the timings  were taken between 6am and 6pm, so don't cover the time when residents are coming home.  I think we should know how many parking places there are in each road and how many residents cars there are to see just what we might be getting.  We may find that residents' vehicles play a bigger part in the evening congestion. 
I might be wrong but I thought there were two sets of timings - 3am for the 'Residents at home minus visitors' estimate and then 6am-6pm which is meant to include visitors/ commuters?
An email that may be of interest regarding CPZ results
Dear Francesco,
Thank you for your email. While politically I can understand that you may not approve of the results being presented as part of a Tory document, they are the Councillors for your Ward, so whichever party were sending out the data, as the results have been given to them by us, they are the official results.
I've attached the results for your information, you are welcome to circulate them. We are due to meet the Ward Councillors this Monday to discuss the results and various options. It is not up to the Ward Councillors to make a decision; they make recommendations based on the consultation results once all factors have been considered. Usually, Cabinet will make the final decision, however, in this instance, the Portfolio Holder for Environment and Transport will oversee this scheme. Due to the delay in this years CPZ programme, the Drayton area was included as part of a batch of schemes taken to Cabinet in February. I have attached this report for your information. The key point made in this report is that it recommended that Cabinet "authorizes the Director of Environment and Leisure to take all the necessary steps including minor adjustments, in consultation with the portfolio holder for Transport & Environment to implement those cpz schemes where the consultation results are positive and the relevant Ward Members unanimously support it."
There are criteria that the consultation results must meet before implementation can be considered. I have listed them below, extracted from the CPZ Policy document.
- If a consultation exercise has a response rate of less than 10% then, irrespective of any majority in favour of a CPZ, no CPZ will be created. General experience of consultations is a response rate of 20% may be considered good. A low response rate will be taken as evidence that there is insufficient appetite within the consultation area for a CPZ.
- If the consultation response rate is less than 20% and the percentage in favour of creation of a CPZ is less than 60% of responses, then no CPZ will be created. The combination of a relatively low response rate and a less than overwhelming majority in favour of a CPZ will not be considered to provide the convincing case for introducing a CPZ.
- If the consultation response rate is over 20% and the percentage in favour of creating a CPZ is less than 60%, then a CPZ will be created only where measures can be taken to reduce the impact of any parking displacement on neighbouring streets outside the proposed CPZ area. If this is not possible, then a CPZ will not be created.
- If the majority in favour or against a CPZ is over 60% then the decision will be applied to the whole proposed CPZ area. Where the majority in favour of a CPZ is less than 60%, then a CPZ will only be implemented where measures can be taken to limit the likelihood of parking problems being spread to streets neighbouring the proposed area. Mitigation measures to be considered will include the ability to create parking provision within the CPZ (free bays, stop and shop, pay and display), the availability of non-residential frontage outside the proposed CPZ, the extent to which limited hours of operation can limit the likelihood of significant parking displacement.
The Drayton area meets the third point, in bold. This will be raised and discussed with Ward Councillors at our meeting on Monday. As officers, we will give our thoughts on the matter, however, ultimately, it is the recommendations and support of the Ward Councillors that will determine how this scheme may proceed. Once we aware of how the scheme will proceed, we shall publish the results and outcome on the Council website and also send this information to all those residents in the area that supplied an email address with their consultation forms.
kind regards

Anthony Crane
CPZ & Parking Engineer
LB Ealing


Is everyone aware of the CPZ in St Stephens starting in the next couple of weeks? Surely their displaced parking will impact us? The parking pressure will now be on the side of the Draytons furthest from the station. Can we do anything or is it all too late and we have to wait another 4 years for a vote? :(


I have just attended a meeting at 48 Drayton Grove. We were of the opinion that the CPZ scheme as applied to Drayton Grove was misconceived. Drayton Grove is very short and yet it has to cater for a school, a nusery, and a turnaround area. 

We shall lose parkings spaces at the turnaroung area next to the school, as well as at the other end of the road owing to extended double yellow lines that go around the corners. In addition to this we shall also lose several parking spaces outside the nursery. This will inevitably affect other roads, for if we cannot find enough parking in our own street we shall have to look elsewhere.   

We shall be holding another meeting in the near future and I shall let you know when and where.


Peter Dorrell  

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