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Hello all. I understand from my neighbour, that someone may have been questioned regarding the car vandalism in the Draytons and elsewhere locally. Does anyone have any further news? Thanks very much, JP.

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Ffrancesco may be able to help on this he is our contact with the police neighbourhood team.

Hello there. Did we get an answer on this? I ask because my car got badly vandalised through keying damage a few months back. It cost thousands to get fixed! I'm so worried it will happen again soon. Any idea where whether the person questioned is the likely suspect? Thanks.
Hi John.

I contacted Ealing safer neighbourhood team about this last week and they knew nothing and were unaware that the recent spate of car vandalism in Ealing was even under investigation. Have you or your neighbour heard any further details in relation to the individual questioned?



No, Sorry I'm afraid I've heard nothing further. John

Thanks very much for this David.

All the best, John

david said:

Hi John, below is the email i received when I emailed John Popham and James Ayling at the Met Police.  I have not heard anything more since that response on the 15/08. What really surprises me is that despite our councilors being aware of this, the police having arrested someone who is under investigation, the details of this being posted on Fix my Street, why does Ealing Safer Neighbourhood not know?  What is it going to take for there to be a comprehensive and co-ordinated approach to dealing with this??  I have had two cars damaged by in this way, the second time was every panel requiring a complete respray on a three month old car.


'I can confirm that a Suspect has been arrested in connection with causing damage to the cars and this is currently being investigated by our CID Department. However, this is all I can really say at this stage Im afraid and individual car owners affected will be contacted in due course if this particular line of inquiry progresses.'

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