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At approx 3.30am this morning we had the delight of some low life punching our front door resulting in damage to the stain glass - police were called and they put in down to "malicious damage" - luckily we are insured and the stain glass company came this morning and told us that that it was a definite attempted break in as they see this sort of damage all the time as they punch the glass near to the Yale lock area in hope that they can then put their hand through and open the door. We always, double lock, bolt and chain the door, so they couldn't have got in but the door is a mess - Just really wanted to say, to all our neighbours, please be vigilant over the Christmas period, also to neighbouring property if they are away - it was mentioned that after a failed attempt they usually lie low for a couple of days and then try again a couple of roads away in hope that they haven't heard about them

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