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 51 Drayton Green



St Helena's Home was built in 1896-7 and was run as a women's reformatory by nuns until 1940. It then became a girls' remand centre until 1965.  Notting Hill House bought the site for some £3.5 milliion a number of years ago and has let it go to decay over the years.


Notting Hill Housing have now submitted a planning application to demolish St Helena’s Home  51 Dratyon Gardens and replace it with  25 Flats ,5 houses and 24 parking places.


Have your say and write to the council ref PP/2010/3471 or go on to the web



Dead line for comments is the 4th Oct






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Background documents
Just for info. You can comment online to the plans and object to them by using this link to Ealing planning website. You need to click "comment on application" and its fairly easy. -http://www.pam.ealing.gov.uk/portal/servlets/ApplicationSearchServl... or search for the address.

Also of note is the related application ref PP/2010/3826 16/09/2010. I have also objected to this online.

Francesco, do you know why there are two applications seemingly one for the development and one for the demolition?

I did also send a letter to the council relating to the plans and hope that others will also.


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